-I am a Roman Catholic, and it’s unfortunate to say that out of necessity I am of the ‘sede-vacantist’ variety, with this world and the so-called ‘faith’ being in the state that it’s in.

-I am a junior English Major, and my hope is to one day write wholesome, creative and thought-provoking Catholic fiction.

-I also hope to be a wife someday to the wonderful Catholic man I’ve been dating for the past year and a half, and hopefully also a joyful mother of children.

-This wonderful Catholic man aforementioned is an incredible pianist and organist, and he has a love and gift for teaching, especially music, and especially in the K-5 age group. He also hopes to be able to secure a position in our parish of being the teacher of the male schola, which sings the chant for every Mass.

-I enjoy humor of the dry variety…mainly sarcasm. I am also (secretly) a huge fan of puns, being the English Major that I am.

-Coffee is probably my favorite beverage in the whole world. I hope to one day be able to drink it black.

-I’ve been reading and writing since before pre-school, and it’s my sincere belief that my God has seen it fit to bless me with the gift of the written word.

-I also have a fondness and knack for singing and opera, and have had the privilege to be classically trained here at college. This as a ‘passion’ or talent comes second only to my love of writing.

-My favorite foods consist of pasta, bread, fruit and of course, chocolate. Come to think of it, I think my favorite food group is carbs…

-I love cats, but I have a growing fondness for dogs. They’re just so loving and affectionate…but cats are so full of personality and they always make me laugh…some days I can’t decide. I tend to lean more towards cats. On the other hand…

-More than anything, I want people to know that I am on this journey of life just as much as they are. I don’t claim to have it all figured out. But by the grace of God I have been led to the truth. I don’t know much, but I know enough from hindsight to realize that God has protected me and guided me to where I am now, and I can never turn back, even if I wanted to (which I don’t, by any stretch). And what He has shown me and opened my eyes to makes such perfect sense. It’s as if there was a veil before, and it has been lifted. Deo Gratias! He has granted me the gift of sight, and I refuse to return to blindness.




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