Scruples – Light and Peace, Quadrupani

This…I needed this so much, and need it every day of my life. O My Merciful God, deliver me from the poison of scruples! Help me to serve Thee in childlike trust, obedience and gladness!

Finer Femininity

Light and Peace: Instructions for Devout Souls to Dispel Their Doubts 48cf51a6f023fd55e6751f60879646cb It’s a scary world out there. The world, the flesh, the devil is constantly pulling at us, trying to suck us in. Everywhere we look there is promiscuity, immoral values, unjust suffering, etc. It almost makes one swing to an extreme….an extreme where there is no good in the world left and everything becomes a sin. An easy trap to fall into?

If the devil can’t get us one way, he will try another, won’t he?

This excerpt is from the wonderful book Light and Peace by Quadrupani. It is one book that I have always had on hand. I have passed it on to my family and my friends because of the wise and balanced words between the covers.

How much these wise words are needed today:

1. There are persons who look upon scrupulosity as a virtue…

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