Feelings vs. Truth…

Every once in a while I have a moment where I just think to myself, “Enough is enough. I am not scared of my faith. I will embrace it. I am a soldier for Christ. I will not let this modernistic, emotional, subjective, relativistic society tell me that I cannot stand by my faith, or that I must stand down in the face of the majority belief. God is my judge, not man. Truth is real and exists outside man. I must follow that truth at whatever cost.” I wish those moments would come more often. 

Why am I scared of them? I should fear God, not man. Just because my beliefs garner me a bouquet of enemies does not mean I need to let the irritating accusations coming from their end get me down. 

They are entitled to their rights and opinions, but once the Bible gets mentioned, or Christ, I am stripped of all dignity as a human being with free will and a right to choose what I believe. I am stripped of the right that they possess to correct us ‘erring’ Christians. I cannot expound the truth without being called judgmental, arrogant, bigoted, archaic, or some other endearing terms that the modernists use to describe Christians. 

And, as Matt Walsh recently expressed on an excellently snarky blog post regarding abortion, “we know that one cannot reach an objective conclusion unless one is emotionally tied to the issue at hand” (“This woman exercised her right…” April 17, 2014). 

Since when does emotional experience count as hard data? You can have an emotional experience with just about anything. That does not make the experience valid proof of whatever you are trying to convince me of, the exception being with something that is actually related to emotional experience, such as depression medication and the like. You cannot use emotional experience to teach morals. You cannot use emotional experience as a valid fact to cling to in support of falsehood. 

But that is exactly how these modernists like to work. “Because I feel this, it must be true.” If you follow that logic out to its logical conclusion, you will find that the modernists have a valid excuse for everything. Isn’t that handy? 

Just because I feel depressed right now about engaging in a fruitless debate does not mean that I am a worthless writer or that I should stop being a Christian or even that I ‘lost’ the debate. It means nothing more than that I feel depressed right now. It does not mean I will be depressed in the future. All it means is that I am depressed right now. But according to modernist logic, I could use this as a jumping board for all sorts of things, like taking medication, committing suicide, eating a bunch of chocolate, or petting the neighborhood cat. Some of these are extreme, yes. Some of them are things that people might actually do if they were depressed. But does being depressed mean these things? Of course not.

So when people say, “I think you are a bigot” or “The way I see it is this…”, they do not get to claim that their words are truth. But that is what they do all too often. “You shouldn’t be so judgmental.” According to you. But whose standards am I called to live by? God’s. Your version of judgmental and mine are two completely different things. 

People claim that Christians do not have valid ‘opinions’ about things. What is the basis for their claim? Sentiment. They ‘feel’ like we are wrong because they ‘feel’ differently.

I do not care about FEELING! I want to know what IS! God does not care about FEELING! He IS the Way, the Truth and the Life! So who is it better to listen to? Our own fleeting feelings, or the Word from Truth Itself? Our ‘opinions’, as they are called, are based on the Truth that God has revealed to us. So it is not an opinion. It is Truth, and we cling to it and live it. It is not ours, but God’s. 

So if there is no truth, as some claim, people can believe whatever they wish, for all of it will be “true”. At the same time, none of it will be true. If there is no truth, there is no basis for life. We cannot say that this is this or that is that. We cannot say that we are human. We cannot say that it is wrong to kill or to steal. We cannot separate what is wrong from what is not. 

So what is this Truth? How do we find it?

Well, why don’t we go to the Source? If God is Truth, let us find out what Truth has revealed about Himself. 

What other is there that has claimed this title of truth? What other is there that has claimed it AND proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt? 

Let us not rely on feelings or thoughts. They are illogical, impractical, fleeting and always changing. Let us instead rely on Truth itself, releasing our own ‘opinions’ and clinging to God, the only One with perfect knowledge, the only One Who can claim the title of Truth after proving Himself by the Cross and the Resurrection. 

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