In, not Of, the World!

I overheard a conversation that maybe I would have been better off not hearing. This is more letting off some steam than anything. 

I simply get tired of being told, or hearing others being told, to lay off this religious stuff and come be a part of the here and now. 

Guess what? The time period we live in doesn’t work as an argument against truth. Truth remains truth, regardless of the time period. It isn’t relative like many people like to think that it is. If truth were relative, that would defeat the very definition of truth. Truth is what it is, and nothing can change it…much like what God told Moses in Exodus 3:14: “I AM WHO AM…HE WHO IS hath sent me to you (DRA).” Seeing as God is Truth…this makes perfect sense. So how can people who know nothing of the truth claim that we are not following it, that truth and that the very commandments that should dictate how we live are found in modern culture? Have they ever considered consulting Scripture, consulting Church teaching, anything other than themselves? 

We see what happens in Scripture to those who decide to throw away the truths that God has given them to live by, and make up their own self-serving versions of it. Nations are scattered and destroyed. There are wars, chaos, murder, vice and fear around every corner. Confusion and suffering are sure to follow. 

If only these people nowadays could see past the mush and gush of this sentimentalist ‘gospel’, this so-called ‘tolerance’, that is preached from every venue, and see that the truth has not changed, nor will it ever change, simply because the people of today decide that they do not like it, or that it is not ‘nice’. We live in a culture of ‘niceness’ that forsakes truth in favor of what will make people like each other better. WHO CARES IF PEOPLE ‘LIKE’ EACH OTHER? It’s not about making people like you. It’s about showing genuine charity–which is something many do not understand, and something that I struggle to understand, though I want to. Showing real love to our neighbor DOES NOT mean condoning their sins and helping them to commit them and supporting them in that goal. It means living the truth at all times, that our neighbor may be able to see the light of Christ in us. It DOES NOT mean showing condescension or hatred toward our neighbor, but simply showing by our actions and words at all times what Christ, what TRUTH itself, taught. 

But of course, the world takes this to mean that if we do not support them, we do not love them. According to the world, we must abandon what we know to be true in order to please our neighbor, therefore making love of man greater than love of God. 

I’m pretty sure the commandment to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength comes before the command to love our neighbor as ourselves. If we are not pleasing to God, we are not in a position to show true charity towards our neighbor. We must first love God, follow his commandments, and live by the truth that He has revealed to us. Then we can be charitable towards our neighbor in the true sense.

But this ‘tolerance’ and ‘no-hate’ nonsense is skewing things considerably. People feel the need to point the finger and call it hatred when we do not support or condone things that we do not believe are good. Their definition of ‘love’ is a no-questions-asked support and encouragement of everything that people do. Their definition of ‘hate’ is having an opinion or belief different than someone else’s and living by that belief. It’s just not feasible. Everyone has opinions and beliefs, and they’re not always going to line up. So anyone who disagrees with someone else’s choices is automatically branded a ‘hateful bigot’–unless, of course, the intolerance is shown towards those who have an opinion different than society’s. Then it is acceptable. It shouldn’t really be called ‘tolerance’, but ‘selective tolerance’. They choose who gets to be tolerated and who doesn’t under the guise of accepting all peoples. It’s the same old song and dance under a new, more sentimental banner. 

All that to say that it becomes tiring and frustrating to be rebuked for not following the ways of the world, to be fussed at for refusing to go to parties because they celebrate a sinful union, to be told that we ‘pray too much…’ If heaven is where you’re thinking of going, why wouldn’t you want to be in prayer more often? Heaven is eternal communion with God, contemplating his glory, seeing Him as He is in His beauty and richness and perfections. If you don’t spend time with God now, where does that place your priorities? And are we supposed to lie to our friends and family by showing up at these celebrations of sin, when they know good and well where we stand? What sense does it make to become angry when you know someone does not agree with it and they live by what they believe? Why rebuke a woman for wearing ‘ridiculous’ modest clothing, especially when that woman is your future daughter-in-law? Would you rather her look like every other woman, baring her bosom and legs and every other body part that can lead men (and in this day and age, even other women), including your own son, to sin? 


There are a lot worse things in this world than becoming Catholic. Sometimes I feel that if I were a drug addict, pregnant every time you turn around, dumping grandbabies on my parent’s doorstep from who knows what father, I would get a better treatment than I do now, wearing modest clothing, going to the CMRI Latin Mass, trying my best to live the ageless Catholic faith. It is really a confusing subject for me to contemplate. “Why do you go out of your way to go to this church, and not that one which is much closer?” “I think it’s pretty ridiculous that you want to stay in separate houses just because of what it looks like.” “Good grief, are you kidding me? What next?” 


What next? Well, maybe I could just become a bum, mooching off my parents, sleeping around with random men…that would throw them for a loop. I’m only kidding, of course, but it just becomes frustrating. What do they want from me?

The important thing to remember is, it doesn’t matter. TRUTH does not change, and I want the TRUTH more than anything in this world. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is God’s own word. It doesn’t matter what the world wants, what my parents want, what my future husband’s parents want…it only matters what God wants. We are here to please God, not the world, and not ourselves. 

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