Oh, how we have been deceived…

It’s just beginning to dawn on me how much we have been and are continually being deceived. The government is continually trying to take away those things which are best for us, especially when it comes to things like our food, which is essential because our food determines how we are nourished, how we grow and develop. They take away our right to LIVE nutrients, living nourishment, in the name of ‘safety’ and all for the sake of the dollar. Humanity has consistently grown and developed as a whole throughout the years and centuries, and all our ancestors had was the primal diet. And now that everything is being heated, pasteurized, cooked, burned, KILLED…we no longer receive the nutrients and bacteria, YES, bacteria, that our bodies and minds need to develop correctly. Raw food that comes from well-cared for animals, animals that are also thriving on THEIR natural diet, not some soy and corn combination, is and always has been HEALTHY for us. 

When did milk from the cow become dangerous, dangerous enough so that the ‘authorities’ blast it with nutrient-killing heat before packing it up and sending it to stores? When did real fruits and vegetables become so dangerous or incompetent that said ‘authorities’ also must genetically modify them in order for them to become consumable or accepted in the common market? Since when did chocolate need SOY SLUDGE to make it smooth? Since when did certain nutrient groups such as fats and proteins become risk factors for diseases? 

We weren’t made to be silly fat-pruners who meticulously peel or skim the fat from everything we eat. We weren’t made to digest soy lecithin, tbhq, or maltodextrin. We weren’t made to be able to process artificial colors or flavors.

Then why is it in our ‘food’? Why are our government and the food corporations robbing us of what we need the most? Why are doctors paid to poison us with antibiotics and painkillers that were never meant to be part of our system?

We are not cared for by Big Brother. Big Brother is poisoning us, stunting our growth and development with false foods stripped of their nutritional value. And he feeds us pleasant lies through the media, lies that tell us it’s safe, lies that make us feel good. 

And we accept it because our minds and bodies suffer from malnutrition, and therefore cannot function in their fullest capacity.

Why the upswing in behavioral and learning disabilities? Why the increase in cancers and other terminal illnesses (which they also treat with poisonous, cell-killing medicines and radiation, most often aggravating the cancer instead of killing it and targeting healthy cells instead of cancerous cells)? Why all the sudden confusion with sexual identity?

And I come to this conclusion, this dire realization, at a moment of crisis in the cause of real food. The longtime advocate and teacher of the primal diet, the ringleader himself, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, has passed on and left us to fight this war for our rights on our own.

How can I trust anything on which I used to solely rely? Medical advice, scare tactics, food labels, even our own parents and grandparents… all they can do is deceive. Some think that they are doing good, while others are well aware of the consequences of following the status quo when it comes to our food and medicine. 

One thing is certain: This standard American diet and medicine is POISON. And it is far too drastic and widespread to believe it is anything other than intentional. 

I must take a stand against it. In good conscience I can do nothing else. 

+May the soul of Aajonus and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.+

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