Some things I’ve realized that I wish others would too…

Everything anybody does is for a reason. Try to understand those reasons before making a judgment call on their actions.
Motives and actions do not always line up. This is because our momentary goals are always changing (not saying they should, just that they do) and we conform to those momentary goals sometimes rather than to our ultimate goal.
If it bothers you, look into it. If you find yourself disagreeing with someone very strongly on their opinions or actions, find out why you disagree. Don’t just leave it at face value–find out what the issue is and determine YOUR stance on it, instead of attacking that person’s life choices. In this way, you will strengthen your own character and be ready to defend your stance should you be challenged.
People who don’t live what they believe are either lying or acting from cowardice. If someone doesn’t hold firmly to what they claim to believe, they are doing one of two things: placing what others think of them above the health of their own conscience (cowardice) or claiming something in name that they don’t actually possess or even care about possessing (lying).
People who criticize others for living what they believe are acting hypocritical. Many people will claim that they want others to be passionate about what they believe, but when this happens, they complain about it, claiming radicalism, brainwashing, etc. on the part of the person being true to their beliefs. It is better for someone to be passionate about something than to be a ‘tumbleweed’, simply rolling with the tide of opinions society spits out. A world without arguments would be a world without passion or zeal. It is better to be on either side of the fence than straddling it, for the ones who straddle receive no benefits from either side.

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