So, I guess I should say a little bit about myself…

Well, let’s start with the basics.

-I am a college student. I’m a junior English major/music minor and loving it.

-I love writing. I’d like to make it into a career if I can. I will probably, in future posts, display some samples of my work.

-I like to sing. Hence the music minor. I’m getting alright at it, what with lessons and all.

-I am a Catholic. And traditionally Catholic, not this new theology floating around everywhere. Think traditional Latin Masses in a beautiful chapel with stained glass windows. Think pre-Vatican II. The ironic thing is, I used to be a Southern Baptist. Figure that one out. It can’t be figured out, unless I found the truth. =)

-I have a wonderful boyfriend who I’ve been courting for a little over a year now. We’re thinking about/discussing marriage in the near future. And praying, of course. =)

-I love cats. They’re just the most animated, quirky, curious, cuddly, moody, and fluffy things in the world. I would own a cattery if I could afford it.

-I have just discovered peach limeades from Sonic. =DDDDDD They’re currently my favorite drink, besides coffee. I LOOOOVVEEE coffee. Possibly as much as I love cats.

-I really have a goofy sense of humor. Puns get me every time. And basically just random stuff, as long as it’s not vulgar. I also like irony and sarcasm. As long as it’s fairly tasteful. You’ll see some posts that really get me tickled, one of which is a doozy; it’s a clip of a TV news report that features a lone flashlight in the middle of a street. The headline reads “Suspicious Flashlight.” I’m not sure why, but I die laughing every time I see it.

-I do not wear pants. Wait, let me rephrase that. I wear skirts and dresses instead of pants or jeans. I just figure, if I’m a woman, by golly, I want to look like one. I’ve always favored dresses, even when I was little. So I’m often (ironically) mistaken for a Pentecostal.

-I really like burgers. And tacos. And chicken strips. Definitely chicken strips. I also like SOME healthy things, like fruit. And on occasion, some vegetables.

And that’s pretty much all there is, basically. I’m not going to dig through the minefield of my past, except in glimpses where they are absolutely necessary to something I’m trying to say. But yeah. There you go.

Also, here is a picture of my cat, Figaro, because he’s cute.

My Kitty

My Kitty


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